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We are looking for individuals that are outgoing, have very good people skills, able to learn quickly, sharp, dress for success. We need these individuals to bring are technology to anybody who wants to market and promote themselves or their business online. We have a Internet Marketing System plus the Know how. Video E-mail marketing, Live Broadcasting, Media Vault, SMS (text) Marketing tied into our Video Email Marketing Campaigns and so much more ALL in one online media studio. As our referral agent you will be paid up to $900 for your effort when individuals (or businesses) subscribe to their own online media studio. If you qualify you may also become one of our team affiliates.

Watch the above videos about our products and if you think we are a match then please fill out the form below to move on to the next step and see one of our Live Broadcasts explaining everything in detail.

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AttainResponse’s Internet Marketing System is a combination of the Tools of Attraction + Know How. A Professional in any trade has tools + know how to use the tools. Anyone can acquire the same tools as a professional; however without the Know How the tools are useless or at the very most, ineffective. Once you have created your AttainResponse account and you’re ready to get started you should educate yourself with the “Know How” that we provide in the “Admin Center” area of your account.

Below are just a few of the topics that are covered in the Admin Center of your AttainResponse account found once you login to you account:

  • AttainResponse Certifications — AttainResponse has many Certified people to assist you with all of your needs. You will find listings of these Certified individuals or businesses inside the Admin center of your AttainResponse account after you have logged in.

  • Weekly Webinars — Our support staff hosts weekly interactive webinar tutorials teaching you exactly how to use the MailF5, MediaF5, and MarketingF5 applications. This are also archived for playback anytime.

  • Email Marketing Workbook — This is a getting started guide of the basics of email marketing and it provides a glossary of industry terms.

  • Mastering Digital Media — Learn how best to Create, Manage and Share your media for use in MailF5 and MarketingF5 applications.

  • Knowledge Base — We have an extensive knowledge base of information including tutorial videos that show you product tutorials and basic information.

This certification confirms a thorough understanding of the AttainResponse product offering and its applications and allows the holder to resell the AttainResponse product offering.

Certified Reseller

This certification confirms a competency of the AttainResponse product offering and can train AttainResponse customers in its applications.

Certified Trainer

This certification confirms the skills necessary to create graphic templates for both MailF5 and MarketingF5 which includes an understanding and competency in creating HTML that displays properly in most email clients.

Certified Designer

This certification confirms the ability to manage campaigns for multiple clients. They will have competency in creating, executing and understanding the analytics of campaigns.

Certified Campaign Manager

This certification culminates all four certifications and confirms a mastery of the AttainResponse product offering and its applications.

Certified Internet Marketing Specialist

Any Questions call Mike at 719-250-4321